Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lost: Sundown

A few thoughts on tonight's episode:

1.)Well I guess that's why Sayid was in the Judas position in the Last Supper promo picture. Oh wait! Fake Locke was in the Jesus position. Maybe Sayid will be redeemed before the season's end.

2.)Goodbye Dogen and Lennon... we hardly knew ye. As soon as Dogen started waxing poetically about his son you just knew as soon as he finished the story Sayid was gonna whack him.

3.)I was so excited Keamy returned! And then he got whacked. Without killing anyone. What. The. Hell. He better have had a bullet proof vest on or something. Keamy is like bacon. He makes everything better.

4.)I wrote a Haiku:

Jacob and Smokey
Are Looking for Replacements
Who? Jack and Sawyer

I think at the end of the series, Sawyer will be the new Jacob and Jack will be the new Smokey.

5.)Looks like a Ben episode is coming next week. I hope this means we get some Charles Widmore...

That's it for now! I'll digest tonight and later I'll explain why Penny is Jack's son's Mom!

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